How-To Guide for First-Time Dads Amid a Pandemic
The Ten Commandments Of Raising Teens: Dads’ Edition
Buying a Home: How Does It Become an Investment?

Meaningful Things You Can Do During the Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of problems for many people and businesses around the world. Most families have been separated because one or more members have been stranded somewhere due to travel restrictions. Many people lost their jobs while others were left with no choice but to work from home. Some others were forced

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doctors looking at an xray

Preparing Your Child for Their First Diagnostic Scan

Imagine yourself as a child again, and you have to go through an MRI or CT scan. Sounds scary, right? Your child is likely feeling the same way. Here’s how to help them prepare. Diagnostic scans are necessary to diagnose a wide variety of medical conditions, such as cancer and bone disorders. For adults, the

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Home ownership concept

Smart Ways Millennials Deal with Home Purchase and Homeownership

Baby Boomers and other generations often have lots of things to say when it comes to the behavior and choices of Gen-Yers. The conflict between generations only proves just how years of age gap can divide people. Each generation wants to prove their point to the other. But if there is one we can agree

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Chicken Is About to Conquer the World

Is there a more universally loved food than fried chicken? The American hamburger and pizza come close, but for a home-cooked meal that has global appeal, fried chicken is hard to beat. How did chicken become so popular, and how is it eaten across the world? Free from any restrictions Unlike pork or beef, there

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kitchen remodel concept

Ways to Get the Most of Your Kitchen Remodel

Having a kitchen remodel is an excellent way to breathe new life into your home. More often than not, cooking up these changes entail a hefty financial cost. That’s why it’s essential to be smart about the improvements you plan on implementing. To make sure you’re getting the most out of the endeavor, follow these

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Man talking on the phone

Resist the Decline of Communication with Improved Conversations

The ability of our smartphones to easily condense social interaction—via calls, texts, emails, or social media—allows us to stay in touch with others each day, even with limited time in our busy schedules. Yet, it can lead to a growing dependence on these devices as a vehicle for socializing. Allow your phone to become a

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Home ownership concept

An Overview of House-flipping for Beginners

Getting into house-flipping can prove to be a lucrative career or a side job, but it’s not as easy as reality TV would have you think. While a home renovation or home-flipping show might make it look like it’s easy to find a property for $200,000 and sell it for four or five times the

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Expensive house

Affordable Living: How to Survive in the City on a Budget

London is one of the most expensive cities in the UK. It’s arguably the most expensive city in terms of buying a house, renting a home, and even shopping for your daily needs. Many who work and study in the heart of the city opt to live in farther neighbouring ones. Doing so keeps the

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